Finance Committee: The Iraqi government will not send the draft budget for 2016 to the Iraqi Council of Representatives

10-28-15 By Roudao 20 minutes ago

He said the decision of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament Haji Ahmed Rashid, a network Roudao media, on Wednesday 10/28/2015, "The Iraqi government draft general budget in 2016 will not be sent to the Iraqi Council of Representatives, to read it during the meetings of the Council."

Rashid said "The Iraqi government is now in the process of negotiating with the IMF for a loan, and if approved this, Vsttro many changes on the general budget for the 2016 project."

He stressed that "the IMF has put special conditions, to give this loan demanded by the Iraqi government, and these conditions that the Iraqi government stop its support for all areas such as oil, health and education .. etc., to be able to pay them, and this condition in itself will cause a major crisis in Iraq.