The completion of water Badra project in Wasit at a cost of 96 billion dinars

Announced management Badrah, Wasit Province, on Wednesday, the completion of water project large Badra, which is carried out by a foreign company at a cost of 96 billion dinars for the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, and as pointed out that pumping water to the citizens will be in two weeks, confirmed that the new project ends the problem of "thirst" in three cities and serves more than 30 thousand people.
Said Mayor Badrah Jaafar Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The Core Kim Turkish company that implement the water project large Badra a capacity of 2000 cubic meters per hour completed all civil and artistic works of the project and it is hoped that the water is pumped to the citizens within two weeks. "
Mohammed said that "the completion of this project, which will cost 96 billion Iraqi dinars will end forever the problem of water scarcity in the towns of Badra and Jassan and Zurbatiyah and port Zurbatiyah border and villages associated with those cities, which it serves more than 30 thousand people in those cities and villages associated with them."
Muhammad explained that "the new project is fed directly from the Tigris River by Canutaal tube diameter of one meter and extends for a distance of 85 km and there is a network of pipes main to transport water produced from the project to the mentioned cities and to the associated villages and this network with diameters different."
Mohammed pointed to the "water Badra project is the first water project of this size completed in Wasit province, and will have a great positive impact on the overall public life for the citizens of those areas that constantly suffer the problem of water scarcity."
The water Badra project is one of several similar projects in Wasit province, including water Kut big project and water project NUMANIYA and project Zubaydiah water and water project neighborhood and Muwafaqiya and all of these projects are carried out within the investment plan of the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works biggest section suffers lag.
The Minister of Municipalities and Public Works previously just Mhodr has occurred in (22 October 2012) contract with the company (Kourkam) Turkish to implement water Badra project at a cost of 96 billion dinars, after the project was previously an assigned custody of the Iraqi company but a laggard was pulled work which has been referred once again to the Turkish company.
It is noteworthy that three Turkish companies are currently implementing important projects in Wasit, a Turkish Younfrsal Bagan company, which holds the implementation of the hospital, 400-bed capacity in Kut, at a cost of more than $ 45 million and the company Auserunlar to implement water Kut big project at a cost of $ 54 million in addition to the Turkish Kourkam company to implement water Badrah project at a cost of 96 billion Iraqi dinars.