Maysoon Al-damlugi: support authorization withdrawn from Al-Abbadi

Maysoon Al-damlugi: support authorization withdrawn from coalition mp expressed Abadi national Mason supported Iraq's mass to the proposal made by a number of Deputies, State law on withdrawal of delegation of Deputies Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, lriaes, the last untapped powers as well, as well as causing the events fedawy to the work of the Government and disrupt the adoption laws through dragging it towards 117 a bill from Parliament, he should read and vote on them.

Detainees said in an interview with one of the agencies, "Abbadi despite opportunity 3 months make the corrections necessary to fit the demands of the people and religious reference, but all they do is take hasty decisions had to be undone later and enter a State in chaos, without implementing any of the required reforms, in particular as regards the economic aspect, with Iraq still suffers from a lack of investment by foreign countries and the weakness of the private sector as well as the spread of unemployment and not solutions Effectively absorbed ".

It is noteworthy that 60 deputies in the State of law Coalition had decided Tuesday to withdraw the authorization, who moved to the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi within Parliament over reforms, and reaffirmed in a statement block, evacuate their responsibility for decisions taken by the effects and consequences of non-compliance with the Constitution and accused Abbadi of violating the Constitution and does not adhere to the laws in force and its uniqueness.

In describing the State of law Coalition mp Ali al-allaq resolution 60 deputies to withdraw the authorization of a personal nature, and came without the knowledge nor the approval of the President of the block on the author, not even the leadership of the Islamic Dawa party, or the party's political Bureau.