Economic adviser Ebadi confirms the existence of a gap in the Iraqi financial situation

10/28/2015 11:35 GMT

Baghdad and babysit - Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that there is a clear gap in the financial level of Iraq, as it depends on oil imports class basis, and net oil revenues are 45 trillion annually and that salaries and pensions all of which cost more than 50 trillion annually said.

And Saleh said in a statement and news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Wednesday, "This gap caused a deficit in salaries and not the budget entirely, as the overall budget deficit also decided reached 23 trillion Iraqi", adding that "one of the ways to solve This crisis is to restructure and reduce salaries from here and there to solve the financial crisis in the country. "

And Saleh stressed "the need to lend a helping hand by the international coalition and some areas that have liberalized must lend a helping hand to resolve the economic crisis in the country," pointing out that "the agricultural private sector is the savior President to resolve the economic crisis in the country in the presence of vast tracts check production in a short period, "noting" the need to encourage individual agriculture, "PSC / h