State of law: no longer responsible decisions Abadi

The State of law Coalition announcement to withdraw the bonus you authorize him to Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi in the House "to its decisions and lack of consultation with political blocs."

According to a statement issued by the State of law Coalition, "we are members of the State of law Coalition had previously supported the Government, Haider Al-Abadi since the first day of its formation last year, stood firmly by her side to help overcome the financial crisis and military and security afflicting the country and threaten its unity, sovereignty, and the Coalition for the last period he opposed Government policy both internally and externally".

The statement said "as PM discusses supported and hotfix packages announced by Abbadi despite observations that we had to avoid political confrontation may benefit the Organization and its allies of Baathists daash walnkshbendiine and stands behind borders". However, the statement by saying "but unfortunately, Abbadi denied the principle of consultation with the State of law bloc and the other political blocs, resulting in the aggravation of the situation in the country is alarming catastrophic incidents in the coming phase".

He said State law by the statement "as we learned baltrshik and hotfix packages of media like the rest of the other political blocs, and failed all our efforts to dissuade the Abadi not override the Constitution and the laws in force under the banner of reforms with the Supreme religious authority stressed the need not to override the Constitution and laws to implement reforms that we believe necessary and useful".

The statement said that "the announcement of the new salary scale came to submit additional evidence to insist on lack of consultation with political partners on issue of life for millions of Iraqi people with the belief that the new peace poses a serious threat to the middle class which is the base engine in the community".

He pointed out that "under the Prime Minister stuck to the policy of not consulting with political blocs as well as the State of law Coalition, also surprised by hiring decisions and insulation and exemption on a number of sensitive centres in the Iraqi military and security service, strengthened our conviction that the policy of exclusivity has become a serious damage to the interests of the people and represents a serious threat to the political process".

He said "lack of consultation policy has produced serious negative impacts on the holy war against terrorism through financial and logistical weapons, and led to the weakening of the popular crowd, which had a larger role in security forces foil daash regulation project backed by some international and regional bodies and planned to invade and destroy Baghdad and violation of sanctities".

Seal statement by saying "today we declare we are signatories to this statement of the State of law bloc members that we still today no longer responsible for the decisions of the Prime Minister and the effects and consequences of non-compliance with the Constitution and applicable laws, as governed by the delegate to declare drag him in the Chamber of Deputies on repairs, which was conditional upon respect for the Constitution and the laws".