Conscious / parliamentary economy suggests the introduction of new currency to deal with economic crisis

28/10/2015 09:03

Conscious / Baghdad / FS
Suggested that a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament, the introduction of new currency to address the economic crisis.

Said Abdul Salam al-Maliki to move correspondent statement (and the Iraqi News Agency Information / INA), that "what emphasize it is that the plans laid down by the state in connection with the processors need more than being a cash transaction process in the field of investment or encourage industrial aspects, agricultural, for example, State Today is able to change the currency situation for Iraq, even if it poses a new currency to address the economic crisis, as did Iran that the dollar hit in two and strengthen the Iraqi dinar capability by introducing a new currency and this process be local as solutions pots so the state can address the confusing economic situation, "adding that "We have a Daash and low oil prices and fluctuations in the global market war, in addition to Iraq yard States is importing everything he needs real solutions."

"It's supposed to be in charge of the fee fiscal policy owner of a strong and courageous decision in this matter, either the survival of the situation for what it is we will only sustain a large economic crisis and we have concerns about this," he said, adding "We are today in the process of real processors are placed through fee fiscal policy It is correct to rely on the experiences of countries. "

Maliki reiterated that "the country's imports should not rely on oil only, on the grounds that we are in a yield country depends on oil sales to pay off the dues of salaries and debt and other, but this requires the diversification of the state's resources, whether in the imposition of fees or taxes or customs, and the introduction of foreign investment."

He noted that "the state dependent on foreign loans if they dropped the price of a barrel of oil and that will carry the state debt burden the budget, as the interest on the foreign debt rate large, so the strengthening of the country's imports can be through industrial and agricultural side development and activating the role of the private sector."

The member of the Committee of Economy in Parliament, said that "plans for strengthening the Iraqi economy is not a contingency plan but are treatments plans, and some of them needs time, today we are going to fast processors new reformist Kalhzmh which included the benefit of the central bank on loans granted to citizens through five trillion, as State confirmed that the banking facilities as well as the promotion of industrial and agricultural sides and activating the customs tariff ".

"We are in the process of activating this matter, but he needs to processors is not built on the basis of a quick and prosthesis solutions, but need real solutions and this will open a new page of the theme of strengthening the Iraqi economy."

And was a member of the parliamentary finance committee Sarhan Ahmad, said yesterday that "Iraq is on the verge of bankruptcy of a major economic and abyss," noting, "The oil revenues are that prevented the collapse of Iraq's economy to a level that leads to bankruptcy," adding, "We have Iraqi leaders recognize this Thread in all its aspects, if not arrest the corrupt and incarcerations and the elimination of corruption and recover stolen money can not be for Iraq to recover from its economic crisis. "

He pointed out that "the crisis will continue and the situation will continue in the collapse of the economy to the extent that leads to enable the State to perform salaries and distributed only if Iraq has not economic steps strategy serious long-term is on the verge of economic collapse and bankruptcy unless Find corrupt and re-Iraqi hopes that escaped Abroad".

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