A government source: reforms Abadi ink on paper
October 25, 2015

Baghdad / Iraq News Network, a government source confirmed on Sunday that the Vice Prime Minister of the Republic and still get paid in full without deduction of any amount of their salary. The source said: "The reforms launched by the prime minister does not just some of them still ink on paper." The source added that "among those reforms have not been applied until now vice-president of the republic to reduce the salaries where charges of Representatives paid without any reduction," noting that "the Deputy Prime Minister was canceled their positions, but they still get paid as the vice-Abadi." The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had announced earlier in the cancellation of the post of vice-president and the ministers, and the reduction of the salaries of the three presidencies in the first reforms launched by al-Abadi package in response to the demands of the demonstrators.