Obama asked of Mgoork work closely to enhance our partnership with Iraq

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} revealed the US Embassy in Baghdad near the departure of the international coalition's presidential envoy John Allen, and the appointment of Brett Mgoork substitute, among the "US President Barack Obama closely request of Mgoork work to strengthen its partnership with Iraq."

And the transfer of US embassy statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today for Obama to say "aspects of my deep gratitude to General John Allen as he prepares to leave office a presidential special envoy of the international coalition for the war against Daash next month, thirteen months ago, I asked John Allen once again that postpones retirement from government service deserved a well-deserved, the service, which included nearly 38 years in the Marine Corps, where he served our country in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, cost him a very difficult task, namely, to build the idea of an international coalition strong would pledge a set and a wide range of political efforts, and diplomatic, military, economic, and others to fold, and thus the destruction of Daash.

"The statement continued," General Allen was the level of challenge and expressed the ability and the courage of two large, but his hard work Much of the credit for the leadership of the United States returns today an international coalition is made ​​up of 65 countries forced gangs Daash to retreat, abandoning territorial gains in Iraq and Syria, and the alliance will also provide advice, and help the Iraqi security forces, and suffocates financing Daash, and objected to the flow of foreign fighters; to contribute to the stability of the population in the liberated areas, and anti-gang abhorrent ideas, make American leadership to this alliance the world a safer place, but we are lucky that addresses the national commander of a great such as John Allen to lead our efforts, I have often relied on his advice and leadership, and I am so grateful, he responded again to his country's call to service.

"He concluded," just as I thank Gen. Allen for his service, I am pleased to I welcome his deputy Brett Mgoork as the new Special Presidential Envoy for the war against Daash, Brett accompanied always Gen. Allen in this war, and Brett was and is still one of the most trusted advisers in the issues of concern to Iraq, the oldest my full support for Brett as he continues to expand and strengthen the international coalition efforts to weaken and the destruction of Daash.

"It also asked him to work closely with my national security team to strengthen our partnership with Iraq, and to work intensively with regional partners; to put an end to the civil war in Syria, which still feeds Daash and other extremist groups ended.