Source for [where]: US Ambassador Abadi ignore the reporting of Hawija process

An informed source, ignoring the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, commander of the armed forces of the Prime Minister to report in Hawija process and free hostages in cooperation with the Kurdistan region.

The source told all of Iraq [where], that "the US ambassador tried to contact Balebadi not Atomn that and then has Hawija process."
He added that "al-Abadi and Defense Minister discuss this process being has without knowing and would issue a formal joint statement that," stressing that "not aware of any party government in Baghdad this process.

"The initial reports had reported that the operation was carried out last Thursday near the town of Hawija southwest of Kirkuk province, freed hostages Kurds, but officials in the region confirmed later that the detainees were Arabs, including about 20 members of the Iraqi security forces.

The An official at the Iraqi defense ministry last Friday, said the ministry did not report the process and they heard about the operation of the media did not have knowledge of it, "adding that" those who have made ​​their Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the Americans did not have the Department of Defense had no idea about. "

As announced the international coalition led by the United States, on Saturday, he had told the Iraqi government in advance the process of freeing the hostages.
The spokesman said the name of common tasks of the alliance Colonel Steve Warren strength in an interview on the hostage rescue operation, said that "the US-led coalition forces in Iraq based on invitation of the Government of Iraq, and includes support air strikes, and provide advice and assistance, training and equipment.

"As expected, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter on Friday that his country's troops carried out in Iraq similar to the process of Hawija ground operations," noting that "the support of the Iraqi Army, the American forces will be implemented probably More raids in the future, ".