Iraq elected a member of the Economic and Social Council by the United Nations

Continue . And babysit - The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Iraq to choose a member of the Economic and Social Council by the United Nations after being elected an absolute majority.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem in a statement received by "public opinion" and babysit "a copy of" The United Nations elected Iraq absolute majority on Wednesday 10/21/2015 to be a member of the Economic and Social Council, which is meaningful and effective step towards social reform contributes large in support of steps followed in the areas of social development. "

"The tireless efforts of the ministry and its active presence in the international and Arab Labour Organization meetings had an impact of the achievement of successes continued at the social level, which resulted in the selection of Iraq, a member of the Economic and Social Council, referring to skip the ministry all the obstacles to the implementation of human development programs under the conditions special session taking place in the country. "

And between Menem said "the most important achievements of the ministry were within the fields of social security which the most prominent issues related to the network of social protection and the organization of social security for workers, and support as well as programs aimed at the community, led by the marginalized and the poor labor market, and that all this has had a positive impact on access Iraq on the membership of the Economic and Social Council for three years. "

He pointed out that "The ministry hopes that the move will be the beginning of a new start toward meaningful social construction, which laid out within the future plans centered on the support material and moral side of the beneficiaries of their programs."

The Economic Council - Social at the United Nations, which consists of 56 countries address poverty and inequality, and made social problems and changes structural in the world's developing communities and unites visions and wills to develop solutions to the secretions of contemporary civilization and surround deterring, and work a joint effort to correct the leading economic experiments aimed at poverty human and narrow the gap between the sexes, and women's participation in the labor force, political representation, and innovation work initiatives and job creation in the context of full employment programs and the face of unemployment and problems, all of which will have an impact adult in determining the visions and aspirations that seek her ministry in the contexts of their work toward the groups that sponsored.