Baghdad heading for the implementation of their projects in a way payment on credit

Our economy / Baghdad - Baghdad provincial council said the 2016 budget devoid of projects that will be relying on the payment on credit projects.

Said council member Adel al-Saadi said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news that "the Baghdad Provincial Council baptized in the last session of the last week to study and discuss what will be provided by the federal government in setting up payment projects on credit," stressing that "the province instructed the Council to the secretariat of Baghdad and the outskirts of Baghdad and the Office of Services to the reconstruction was studying the necessary projects that need capital in order to be submitted to the federal government for the establishment in Baghdad within the limits of filling the needs of the weakness of the capital."

He added that "these projects are an alternative for those that usually contained in the annual general budget", noting that "the 2016 budget will be devoid of projects and therefore will be relying on the payment on credit projects."

Saadi said that "the next week will be a meeting held by the Baghdad Services Authority in order to determine the priorities to be put forward projects," noting that "the initial idea centered on the selection of projects within the sewage to face the rainy seasons as well as clothing some stores compactor that can not for the secretariat of Baghdad As part of an austerity budget, Created".

He said Baghdad provincial council member, said "the Commission also thought with regard to cleanliness whether the projects can pay on credit to adopt cleaner capital Baghdad," adding that he "will be lifted as such projects."