Deputy for the National: the salary scale will increase the state of impoverishment

Counting the National Alliance MP Haider Alfoada, a decision the pay scale as "lead to the impoverishment of the poor more and the owner of the average income transfer to the list of the poor."
He called Alfoada in a statement today received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "the government to reverse this decision, because it is supposed was intended to reduce disparities between groups lower and upper staff, but this requirement is not met, only a slight improvement in salaries the lower staff is a $ 30, 25 and 20 000 dinars.

"He added," This decision Department ministries to gold, silver and bronze awarded the golden staff of 50% of the nominal salary and silver 30% and the bronze remained neglected and the result of all these levels Dfnaha to queues impoverishment to disrupt through them work carpenter and grocer and the owners of other craft.

"He pointed Alfoada to the existence of" contradiction represented the equality of all doctors in various specializations, surgeon Like the vet, and many others.
"He stressed that" no room to save the Iraqi economy, but by thinking about moving the national private economic sector activity to be a resource through taxes and fees either the salary scale, it will restore the country back and must review this decision, ".anthy