A member of the parliamentary Finance: new salary scale for Anaterv by touching the lowest grades

He criticized in the parliamentary finance committee member, Council of Ministers' decision to issue him a new Alroapt "stressing that" affect the salaries of even the lowest grades. "
Said Haitham al-Jubouri, told all of Iraq [where], that "the new salary scale for Emms nominal salary but affect greatly provisions relied upon by staff and that includes administrators and ministries of education, health, oil, electricity, dramatically and not as claimed by the government and the Ministry of Finance that targets only the three presidencies and grades own. "
He pointed out that "the university of service benefits, a 100% equivalent to the nominal salary will be deleted in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as the deleted provisions for the Foreign Service Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the percentage of 150%," pointing out that "the ministries of oil and electricity allowances which is for maintenance and the risk will be 30% after it was 200 %. "
He said al-Jubouri, "The Minister of Finance says that the lower grades will not be affected ladder salary is not true example degree 10 employees at the Ministry of Education receives now 140 000 dinars salary my name with allocations be 100% 280 000 dinars, in addition to the marital allocations and children 80 000 dinars be the overall Salary 360 000 dinars, and the peace the new salary will be 230 000 dinars, or delete 130 000 dinars, how it was targeting only the higher grades !? ".
He said a member of the Finance Committee, "The three presidencies, the staff largely will be affected by the new peace of salaries Froatbhm now with 3 million allotment, it will fall to 600 000 dinars."
Jubouri said that "the new salary scale for Anaterv him at all being a decision and no law and we will act at stake this week."
The Council of Ministers decided on 13 October this, modify the salary scale Annex law salaries of state employees and the public sector No. 22 for the year 2008, and the unification of allocations charged by state officials all and reduce disparities between them and will be applied in the first of the month of November.
This decision caused the exit of demonstrations of the various segments of the staff Adin him as "unfair" was charged with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, some quarters [which he did not name] of "lying" and trying to obstruct the implementation of the government's recent decision on the new salary ladder.
Promised, Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, handed over the new salary as "fair," saying in a press conference last Wednesday, "The new salary scale, the decision was taken by the prime minister and there is a deliberate distortion to him," adding that "the decision was made to achieve the kind of social justice, by reducing some of the appropriations higher grades and submit them for lower grades. "
He explained, "The salaries untouched in the budget of 2016, but provisions in the higher grades, a high provisions against the presence of unfairness lower grades," stressing that "the blessings of the new salary is to achieve justice and certainly there are those affected by it."
For its part, it demanded that the Supreme religious authority Friday to San representative in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai, the government has to "study the salary scale by the owners of expertise and competence in a comprehensive manner so as to include the achievement of justice for all and not an injustice to one, especially on an important segment as teachers of universities and the owners of competencies Scientific who rely on them in the preparation of the new generation ".