Najafi: Russian intervention prevents Iraq to a new arena of international conflict

Khandan - A former vice president of the Iraqi president of a coalition united Osama Najafi, that the Russian intervention on the line of the fight against terrorism in Iraq, will exacerbate the conflict, and turn Iraq into a new field of international conflict.

Nujaifi said in remarks to the London-based Al Sharq Al Awsat, published on Sunday: "We do not believe that the presence of Russia and Syria in any military cooperation will be useful in the fight against terrorism."

He added that the Russian entry in the crisis in Iraq will bring more international conflict inside Iraqi territory, leading to delay the defeat of terrorism and the development of terrorism and will be developed.

On the quadruple alliance, which was announced Iraq's accession to it, and also includes Russia, Iran, Syria, Najafi played down the possibility of the alliance, said: "Officially there is no alliance quadrant, there are only a joint intelligence center between the four countries and we Maatardon that status already."

He said that the battle to liberate gray making progress by the Iraqi army and the tribes of Anbar, has troops had reached the outskirts of Ramadi and terrorism stationed inside the city holed which still hinder the liberalization of gray, as the number of troops that you own "Daash" within the gray about a thousand armed .