Governor of Matrouh: signed 20 agreements with investors during the Conference today economy

Maj. Gen. Alaa Abu Zeid, Governor of Matrouh, on Sunday, in remarks for "seventh day", will be signed 20 agreements with investors during the Conference on economic, Matruh, all sectors of the economy.

Abu Zeid stressed that the Conference of Matrouh comes as the desire of the political leadership to encourage investment in Egypt, land, especially as Egypt's economy relies on summer tourism industry and commerce with Libya, and that the latter had stumbled because of events in Libya.

He said "Abu Zeid", "seventh day" on the sidelines "subtractive future investment", the Dubai trip that preceded the Conference, inspiring experience in economic advancement, signing investment partnerships with entrepreneurs, investors and big companies, investments in muttrah, province and start new development on land conservation and the ability to manufacture a better future, exploiting the riches of these precious patch of their homeland, by stimulating investment, stressing that the Matruh has mineral, petroleum and industrial, agricultural, tourist and want to optimize.

The Conference deals with projects in the sectors of port of Matruh, livestock, agriculture and fisheries and cement factories, real estate and mineral. And participates in Conference events, Ashraf Salman, investment Minister, and Gen. Alaa Abu Zeid, Governor of Matrouh Morsi, a number of officials and businessmen.

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