«National»: 9 billion dinars awarded projects in 2015

The strongest yearly performance. And Kuwait in second place after Saudi Arabia, said a report of the National Bank of Kuwait to the enterprise market transcends the barrier of 30 billion dollars in 2015. He added: the total value of contracts that have been established in Kuwait market projects by 2015 nearly 9 billion dinars ($ 30 billion) by the end of the third quarter, the strongest annual performance. Kuwait market comes to the projects, which have seen significant delays on their counterparts from the GCC markets, after the Saudi market in terms of the value of contracts awarded so far this year. The third quarter witnessed several contracts as a new terminal of the international airport expansion project Kuwait and Al-zour refinery project new draft amendments on the roads in southern Kuwait worth more than $ 1 billion.

Indicates the location of the MED projects (MED projects) to the total value of projects in Kuwait market (planned and under implementation) has been developed to record more than 74.3 billion dinars (246 billion dollars) by the end of 2015.

The following is a breakdown of the most notable developments concerning major projects in Kuwait, during this year: crude oil and gas has been delayed signing the draft new Zour refinery, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, worth 3.9 billion dinars to the 13th of October, according to the Ministry of oil. As authorities insisted on reviewing contracts to avoid any loopholes before signing during the coming weeks, despite what the delay might have negative impact on investor confidence. And the Al Zoor area were evacuated in southern Kuwait of some existing businesses in preparation for this project, to start processing site. Among those companies that received orders by Ahmadi evacuated area was Saudi Chevron (according to reports), which is the company responsible for running the Saudi share in Wafra oil located in the common area between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Expected completion of the refinery project Zor during forty five months. Once you start running the refinery will provide energy production capacity of 615 000 barrels per day. And with clean fuel project approved last year Kuwait refineries will be able to meet European standards and regulations (Euro 4) for production, by 2020.

Due to production stops due to some outstanding differences on the operations in the common area between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait oil company announced the resumption of some projects stalled. While the company was able to offset the loss of production in the region by raising production at other fields, tended also to begin approving the project to develop oil and gas fields in northern Kuwait Jurassic.

The company has recalled some companies eligible to bid on contracts of the BOT which projects totalling 353 million dinars for the development of the East and rawdatain field Raudhatain and sabriyah and Western West field or Neka. Since the project is divided into three packages, each package production, reaching 40,000 barrels of oil equivalent.

Building and construction authorities in Kuwait and focus attention towards the development of the northern regions, according to the development plan. Working to create a new civil status to alleviate the congestion plaguing the State.

Indicates the location of the MED projects (MED projects) to the Ministry of public works issued a request for tender for new ministries complex project in Jahra, which is a new State to be created in the North. It is planned to start bidding on the project worth 347 million next year. He also started a project of Jahra hospital worth 338 million under the leadership of the Amiri Diwan. He also began public authority for housing care, the distribution of housing units in the City South of the mutla Ridge is expected to be the largest city in northern Kuwait, once the allocation of housing units 29 thousand residential units by 2019. It remains uncertain whether the Government will resume draft Bubiyan Island silk city in northern Kuwait.

KIA has to residential care, which is trying hard to provide housing units for 110 housing requests, signing a construction project worth 46 million with lemak in the beginning of October. Is expected to provide an infrastructure project in the Western region of Elounda approximately 5.200 residential units by the deadline for completion of the project in October of 2017

As the partnership projects between the public and private sectors in September to revive the South City of Jahra, which is expected to include 20,000 workers. The project proposal was issued during September with select 29th October 2015 deadline for submission of tenders.

Energy and water held a visit to project site Station North Zour power and water distillation, which is the flagship project of partnership between the public and private sectors, showing that work on the project progress compared with the selected table. It also launched projects to partnership between the public and private sectors in the process of bidding on the second phase of the project, which is supposed to produce 1800 megawatts of additional power and 464100 cubic meters of distilled water per day. Identified 17 January 2016 deadline for receiving bids from qualified firms.

And projects announced partnership between the public and private sectors the names of five consortia are eligible to bid on the sewage project in the southern region of Kuwait (Umm Al Haiman) in early October with select deadline for receiving bids in the first quarter of 2016.

It will also later specifically before the end of the year announcement pre-qualified to bid on the project El abdellia Palace Station to generate electricity using solar energy and municipal solid waste treatment project in the region of the liver.

Transport and communications projects authority appointed the PPP founder Ernst & young consultant mathematically for rail and Metro in September. Some officials have said that the Mission of the Foundation is to re-examine the feasibility of the projects scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2016.

Also awarded the Department of public works projects worth 483 million dinars (1.6 billion dollars) for road development in the third quarter. The Ministry is currently working to develop the southern region through projects linking the Mina Abdullah and Mina Al-zour area galore, plus project developed by alnoisib (Highway 40) worth 170 million dinars. The Ministry also granted project near Kuwait City, worth 100 million to develop the fifth ring road Highway roundabout area contraptions.

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