Dawa Party: Revolution Imam Hussein [p] was and is a revolution of reform

Islamic Dawa Party called for inspiration lessons of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him revolution embodied by the epic of Ashura, stressing that it was and is a revolution of reform in every time and place.

According to a statement of the Dawa party, [where] it received by all of Iraq a copy of it, which attributed the "religion references bones and the people of the Iraqi Islamic, Arab, and the two nations the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom Abe, the Liberal master of martyrs of Imam Hussein and his family and his companions peace be upon them in an epic tuff timeless."
The statement added, "The Islamic Dawa Party, as the Iraqi people attributed this sad occasion, it calls on all believers who walk in the footsteps of Husseiniya revolution to inspire the goals of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him that her body in the epic of Ashura and be this revolution is a light and example to guide and role model he faces factions terror and evil, and injustice embodied today in Daash terrorist gangs that wreaked havoc in Iraq and Syria, which tarnished the image of true Islam. "

He continued, "The Imam Hussein Revolution was and is a revolution of reform in every time and place, it is peace be upon him say [but exited the request of reform in the nation of my grandfather the Messenger of Allah], and today we are all invited to walk on this reformist approach that the will of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him to be a method for each Reformers wherever found faulty or deviation from the principles and the rights guaranteed by the Almighty God to man to ensure their right to live in freedom and dignity and to win world and the Hereafter fine ".

The statement pointed out that "the Imam Hussein revolution peace be upon him, is a revolution that made the history of the nation which calls us in every age and Awan to stick it out and walk along the lines of the pilot, which is appointed which is the consciousness of the nation and reflects the conscience, and therefore, stick to it and the awareness of its goals and commemoration of duty and the responsibility of all believers in this timeless revolution. "

The statement concluded, "Recalling the timeless epic tuff, stand today bow to the righteous martyrs of our armed forces and the popular crowd sons who sacrificed their lives in defense of the homeland to purify it of Conception terrorist gangs" .