Reference emphasizes the increasing popular crowd budget and re-examine the new salary ladder

Stressed the Supreme religious authority, the need to increase the financial budget for the popular crowd to increase the momentum of the battle and complete victory over the terrorists, claim at the same time to re-examine the new salary ladder in a comprehensive manner.

The representative of reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai, in his Friday sermon, which he delivered from the dish-Husseini al-Sharif "emphasize the need to be inspired by all of the principles from which the Imam Hussein, peace be upon him in his reformist great, and we seek to apply them in our lives individual and social."

He added that "the most important thing is to apply the principles of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him at a time when the nation has been plagued by terrorist gangs of satisfaction is to strengthen the support and backing of the fighters heroes on the battlefield and lifting and help morale on the performance of their duty, and the provision of a decent living for their families and treat their wounded and assistance for those in need of them and to ensure that orphans and martyrs their recommendation stability and patience, altruism and sacrifice in this way following the example of the body including the master of martyrs and his family and his companions on the day of Ashura. "

He pointed Karbalai to, that "the quality of the victories achieved by the heroic armed forces and supported by volunteer heroes and sons of the tribes fervent especially in the city of Baiji, and its refinery and documented by various media in spite of the media hype that preceded it that this region a fortress for terrorists, confirms the fact of competence Combat and moral fighters heroes various addresses. "
He added that "for all these fighters who Stroa features heroism and sacrifice a great appreciation and gratitude and the gratitude and redemption and ask Allah to bless them with good in this world and the dignity of the Hereafter, and cornered their martyrs Abra t in the Gardens of Eternity with the martyrs of the child and Yemen on their wounded to heal."

The representative of the religious authority that "this battle is linked to the fate and future of Iraq and to preserve its identity and its sanctities and civilization and unity of land and people, it is necessary to provide all the means available to victory in a final victory so as not to remain in this pure land foothold for terrorists, and must increase the logistical support to fighters in the light data and experiences from previous battles and the development of mechanisms of coordination between the kinds of fighters from the armed forces, volunteers and the sons of the tribes in order to achieve better results as noted in the recent battles. "

He stressed, "is also necessary to allocate larger amounts in the general budget to secure the volunteer needs and the sons of the tribes who bear the major burden in various battles but suffer from a lack of government capabilities available to them, most of the support gives them popular donations which do not meet, but Department of their needs."
And on the new salary scale, passed by the Council of Ministers on 13 of this month and out of protests against him from different segments of the civil servants, including university professors, representative of the supreme religious authority called for the need to re-study it thoroughly.

Said Karbalai "While the call for social justice in relation to the salaries of Employees State, through the reduction of disparities between the salaries and allowances of the higher grades and minimum grades and eliminate or reduce salaries and allowances that are not based on the basis of functional correct, especially in these difficult financial circumstances, the objections sliced the task of state employees as teachers universities on the new peace established by the government where they see as oppressive a professional and living benefits. "

He stressed that these objections "study this peace required by the owners of expertise and competence in a comprehensive manner so as to include the achievement of justice for all and not an injustice to one, especially on an important segment as teachers of universities and the owners of scientific talent who rely on them in the preparation of the new generation," adding that "Care this segment Almaqrh provide decent standard of living her despite the financial crisis should be of special interest from officials in the government and the House of Representatives. "

And commemorate Ashura, which marks the Saturday ceremony invited the representative of the reference to cooperation visitors with security agencies and concerned to maintain the security of the visit, saying, "kicks off tomorrow, the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him and a group of his family valued and his companions marches consolation which will culminate Baza run it Touirij great scene It expresses sympathy believers of the Prophet Mustafa and his family pure peace be upon them in the tragedy of the Child ".
He said "it is hoped the mourners may God give them good for their neighborhoods to this sad occasion," adding that "the establishment of the ceremony in order to preserve its sanctity and Hravcha, organize and provide security for its cooperation with the concerned authorities, because not taking place any breach of security."

He Karbalai "We also recommend making sure to establish a religious obligation and the most important performance of daily prayer and zero tolerance by recalling the attention and care of the master of martyrs peace be upon him this ordinance divine where keen to set up a noon prayer, the first time the afternoon of Ashura despite the ferocity of the battle at that time," .