Water resources: drilling dozens of wells in the Badra field in order to reduce water scarcity

Ministry of Water Resources announced the completion of specialized technical Mlakatha digging dozens of wells in different parts of the country to help in the eradication of water scarcity.
A statement from the ministry, and all of Iraq received [where] a copy of it, that "the technical and engineering staff in the band [112] One of the General Authority for groundwater teams in Wasit province, completed its work will examine the development of 10 wells in the Badra oil field in order to provide water quotas areas Balantidium and eradicate the water shortage plaguing the country. "
The statement added that "competent teams completed drilling a number of wells on the banks of the Euphrates River in hand Yusufiyah to plug the shortfall in water imports in the Euphrates River as a result of terrorist acts taken by Daash gangs and terrorist continued, as has been the completion of 60 wells in various places within the general plan in 2015, in addition to the number of wells drilled in each of the Muwafaqiya and Jassan area, to be used in various fields of life of watering and quench human use and increase green areas in the province.