Deputy calls for the Council of Ministers to speed up the sending conscription law to parliament for approval

Twilight News / she called on the Member of Parliament for the National Coalition Kadhim al-Shammari, on Friday, the Council of Ministers to speed up the completion of a draft conscription law and send it to parliament for a vote, because of its importance in supporting the reconciliation and restore national cohesion. Al-Shammari said in a press release the media to his office that "the focus of the political parties during the last period was focused on the completion of the National Guard Law, but because of the great differences between those parties and the difficulty of passing the law in the coming period, the highlight at the current stage on conscription law became necessary ".

He added that "there is almost a break between our young people in the provinces as a result of the lack of communication between them as it was previously in universities or compulsory military service, creating a kind of poor communication was the circumstances and the primary fuel source to feed the sectarian sedition, therefore, the re-integration of our youth in conscription will restore communication Not to mention, including his role in the absorption of unemployed youth in addition to the construction of the power of youth to reserve in the event that the country's emergency entry through terrorist organizations, as happened with Daash or any external aggression. He said Shammari that "the Council of Ministers demands and within steps of national reconciliation to speed up legislation conscription law and send it to Parliament with a view to approval, to be the right spirit to restore cohesion between the components of the people and is a suspicion that talk about the lack of balance within the military."