Integrity: stolen asset recovery process is complicated

Baghdad/Iraq News Network-mp in parliamentary integrity Commission meshan there are a number of international conventions that prevent Iraq from retrieving his money from corrupt and thieving, corrupt possession of citizenship of other States. "said al-Musawi, stolen asset recovery process is complicated, especially because most of them corrupt officials prepare to travel outside the country, are holders of dual citizenship, carried by most المسؤLane public managers in the previous and current Governments. " Moussaoui drew attention to that" there is determination and real will to track your money smuggled and stolen from the Parliamentary Committee on integrity and honesty, there are official communications and meetings to follow up the file constantly. and that" through correspondence found international conventions between Iraq and other States not continuation of stealing money and Hizbollah smuggled abroad, who are nationals of such States. what was recovered from funds across very little integrity Commission procedures, compared with funds Bellowed over the years. "referred to the integrity of Government and in its latest report announced the recovery of $ 44 billion dinars, money stolen, and the ongoing attempts to track your money smuggled and stolen.