Mutlaq: the Finance Committee will support the service ministries in the budget of 2016
11:02 GMT
Baghdad and babysit - said the parliamentary finance committee member Haidar al-Mutlaq, his committee will support ministries such as defense and interior, the service ministries that serve the citizen.
Mutlaq said in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Thursday, that "his committee will hold a meeting to discuss the budget after their arrival to the parliament", pointing out that after the arrival of the budget to the parliament will be read and approved within a period of not more than three or four weeks in the event of not traceable to the government. "

Al-Mutlaq said that "the ratio of the budget deficit in 2016 almost beyond thirty trillion." Noting that the Finance Committee discussed at a meeting before the arrival of budget solutions to cover the costs and expenses of investment, "in addition to" estimate the grades, where almost ministries full of staff, the mismatch up to 5,000 employees, while the actual need is only 250 employees "g / h Number of employees