Parliament rejects law amendment salaries resolution demanding the enactment of a new law

BAGHDAD / JD / .. revealed the Integrity Committee in the parliament, the House of Representatives rejected the amendment salaries law decision, as the government called for the enactment of a new law.
He said the Integrity Committee member Adel Nouri told / JD / copy of it: that the President of the House of Representatives responded to the decision to reduce salaries and the recent cuts, uncertain where Salaries law can be modified by law and is not a decision
just added Nuri: that the legislation of laws is the prerogative of parliament, the legislative institution and not the prerogative of the Prime Minister or President of the Republic.
He called on the executive branch to submit a bill in case it is decided to change or modify text or law and send it to the legislature, and then the parliament procedures followed either approval or refusal. / End / Sarah Aljcami