Parliamentary Integrity's "advisor": The transmission of 30 banks to investigate charges of currency smuggling and forgery of official documents

​It revealed the Parliamentary Integrity Commission on the transfer of 30 banks waged an investigation on charges of submitting false invoices and documents to the Central Bank. The member of the Committee Taha defense, in an exclusive interview with (Chancellor), "The Integrity Commission check with 30 banks waged for the submission of receipts and forged permits Kmarkip to smuggle hard currency out of Iraq." The defense pointed out that "the investigation is still under way, but the investigation mechanism with those banks are old and not suitable for the fight against thieves foreign exchange mechanism." He added that the committee "is continuing to open all past and current files and forwarded to the competent authorities." Indicating that his committee "which works under a single track is not afraid of any political pressure." For its part, it revealed an MP for the Union of Forces to meet with the pink for the "whales" to buy the dollar from the central bank and sell it on the black market. She said, in an interview summarized by (Chancellor), that "the government need a new mechanism to reduce the phenomenon of high Asar dollar against the Iraqi dinar put" ...
She noted that "there are companies and Asirvat deal with the central bank to buy dollars and sell it on the black market without setting punitive measures." She added that "there are mafias protected pay for those who are protected by which impacted negatively on the Iraqi economy." She stressed that "those mafias operate internally and externally, the central bank did not specify those mafias to hold them accountable." And it called for the central bank to take deterrent measures to curb the phenomenon of rising dollar prices. For its part, he carried the member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Nora Albjara the central bank responsible for smuggling hard currency out of the country for failing to take punitive action against the phantom banking offices. She said, in an interview summarized by (Chancellor), said that "a lot of banking offices shops are nothing to do with the Bachirvh receive their share of the central bank and sell them on the black market." She noted that "there Hekana influential mafias and its mission to provide the necessary protection to the owners of smuggling hard currency." She added that "there are more than 2,200 banking office in Iraq and we have to those offices placed under the strict control of the policy of the central bank." He pointed out that "there are 7 companies only official in Iraq, and all the big dealers are dealing with huge sums of money to provide traders importers of goods." And called for financial and economic committees to tighten regulatory measures on the central bank's policy to limit the Zhard hard currency smuggling. "I was amazed Albjara of return of 30 banking office to conduct business after he was stopped work for procedures relating to legal irregularities.