The parliamentary economy: most government laboratories to be a losing investment

I returned the Parliamentary Commission on the economy and investment, said Thursday that the Ministry of industry and minerals, Babylon cement plant investment good and necessary step ", with the majority of the plants confirmed the" loser "for investment by domestic or foreign, outweighed the vote on amending investment law next week.

Committee Member said Noora albegari, I followed the Buratha, news agency that "the Ministry of industry and minerals step by inviting companies to invest Babylon cement plant, good and unnecessary", stating that "Iraq is the first Arabic States producing cement, should invest in this area to diversify its economic resources, particularly after a drop in oil prices."
Albegari, added that "the majority of Iraqi governmental laboratories lost, it is important to invest," usually "necessary to invest in this file especially for cement plants because it's profitable." The Commission stressed the economy and investment, "no problem investing cement plants by Iraqi or foreign investor", noting that "what is important is that Iraq can take advantage of these plants, especially the investment law gives an opportunity for Iraqi investor entering into a partnership with a foreign counterpart. Albegari, she said that "the investment law included the House last Monday, (19 October 2015), but an error in the sequence of items and some minor differences, led to the postponement of reading", expressing the hope that "this is the first session next week to vote on it." The Ministry of industry and minerals, called first Tuesday, specialized investment companies and businessmen to participate in the investment opportunities available in the Southern Cement State company, while she seeks to rehabilitate Babylon cement plant and the opening of new production lines, emphasized the need for investors to benefit from new investment conditions. Recall that the Southern Cement State company, has already signed a contract for the rehabilitation and operation of cement plant of Babylon in 2013 and is not activated, resulting in its dissolution and cancellation, with industry Minister restates the plant investment to allow the largest number of investors to participate in this opportunity and contribute to the operation of the plant and the development of cement industry in Iraq. l