Iraq elected to UN Economic & Social Council

Member States were elected at the General Assembly of the United Nations 18 new countries for membership of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, and in the introduction of these countries Algeria, Lebanon and Iraq. Algeria and got the support of 185 countries, 182, Lebanon, and Iraq on the 179 Member States. Also it was elected Nigeria, Somalia, Rwanda, South Africa, Vietnam, Afghanistan and the Czech Republic, Moldova, Guinea, Chile, Peru, Italy, Australia, Belgium and the United States. He said Lebanon's permanent representative to the United Nations, Nawaf Salam, that the issue of mass forced displacement as a result of wars and conflicts that have become a one of the biggest challenges to sustainable development, will be the issue that will receive special attention and effort from the Permanent Mission of Lebanon. Economic and Social Council, is a constituent body established under the Charter of the United Nations in 1946, which is being explored and discuss the economic, social and environmental issues and challenges facing the world, and make recommendations on policies in this area. The Council and, as such, a wide-ranging responsibility for about 70% of human and financial resources of the entire United Nations system, including 14 specialized agency, and 9 technical committees, and 5 regional commissions. General Assembly shall elect the 54 members states of the Council for overlapping periods, each lasting three years. And allocate the seats on the basis of geographical representation, which allocates 14 seats for African States, 11 seats for Asian States, 6 seats for Eastern Europe, and 10 seats for Latin American and the Caribbean, and 13 seats for Western European and other States.