Investment Mind

10/22/2015 0:00

Ali Hassan al-Fawaz
remains the subject of investment a matter of controversy and political attraction, a Maevkdh a lot of its feasibility and its impact in improving the national economy, levels of development, and to secure new and effective sources of resources Ath.olal defer discussion of the investment law in Parliament and most of the time reflects this controversy and the tension and the seriousness of the political effects .

Some attribute the lack of clarity of the paragraphs of the law and the weakness of legal drafting a reason to disable this discussion, but it remains a political reason, and controversial reviews political forces applications investment is the deep reason for this postponement and rational perception of the concept of the state is the horizon which Tertsm politics, economy and meeting systems, In the procedural context for the development of this country, and to legitimize all the means to consolidate its economic system, which represents Alastosmar- as mobility plus of wealth and to maximize Massaderha- area which attracts new productive energies to new sectors of foreign and civil, have the ability to expand the ranges of production of goods and services, and in broad sectors such as agriculture , industry and trade, and Maani provide opportunities to increase national income, and reduce the deficit, unemployment and improve the standard of the activities of economic institutions ratios Aloutnah.taufer good environment for investment is the basis for operational support for the development of programs and projects, and the diversity of fields, as well as its impact on the expansion of the prospects for economic and political stability, and the reduction of risks pressure on operating budgets, and that could threaten the economic system of the state and society.

But the investment success of the program is effectively the existence of the investment mind, and who has the will to cash and Calendar, and adopt the right choices, and to work activating the laws that protect the investor and the investment program, which Maittalb hard work and effort sketch actor in the development of mechanisms and plans, notably planning to invest Almthiklh companies in brightly Industry, formerly the military, manufacturing and the possibility of conversion from idle companies to the productivity of companies, and this is what requires the adoption of economic integration policy through the provision of practical and scientific oversight of manufacturing and quality program, and in the context of creating an atmosphere of competition marketing, as opposed to addressing the issue of the applicable tax the goods competition, and reduce policy of the importation of goods counterpart and productive Mhalia..aklnh considering sector investment also requires realism, especially in light of political, economic and security conditions difficult and complex, requiring secure administrative and legal authorities within the institutional framework of one, and since this sector is only about political polarization and the multiplicity of the administrative authorities, and the nature of their effects disabled in strategic projects for investment in the sectors need to be the head of a foreign investment capital or my family activates the economic cycle, and contributes to the consolidation of the traditions of acceptable process, and is subject to political influences investment and givens and the extent of his contribution to Iraq's new economic reality.