Finance: we have dedicated more than 32 thousand new jobs for the defense and health

(Independent) ... Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, the allocation of 32 degrees thousand new jobs to the ministries of defense and health in the 2016 budget.
Zebari said at a press conference held at the ministry building and I followed (Independent) said Wednesday that "the Ministry of Finance presented the budget and progress during two consecutive years at the time."
Zebari pointed out that "the country's total revenue projected for 2016 will amount to 83.4 trillion dinars, of which 69.7 trillion of exports of crude oil and 13.6 trillion dinars of non-oil exports," pointing out that "the budget deficit in 2016 will reach 23.5 trillion dinars."
Zebari added that "some of the figures in the basic budget speculative", adding that "the total expenditure in the budget amounted to 16.9 trillion dinars and ongoing expenses 77.2 trillion dinars, while investment expenditure amounted to 29.7 trillion dinars."
Zebari said that "the current government expenditures and obligations of the government rate, as well as employees and retirees amounted to 72.2% trillion dinars."
Minister of Finance and said he was "allocate 20 thousand degrees and careers to defend and 12 thousand degrees to the Ministry of Health," asserting that "the final accounts for 2013 have been closed," pointing to the "Iraq for a loan from the World Bank to support the budget amounted to more than a billion dollars in order to cover the existing budget deficit. "(end)
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