Salahuddin Council confirms the possibility of rehabilitation of the Baiji refinery and oil confirms: Snahl small production units

Confirmed Salah al-Din Provincial Council, on Tuesday, that the damage suffered by the Baiji refinery facilities will not prevent rehabilitation, and as revealed the Ministry of Oil for the formation of a technical committee for the rehabilitation of the refinery, pointed out that this stage may be limited to the rehabilitation of small production units covering the local need.
Deputy Provincial Council Mekhlef Salah al-Din al-Dulaimi said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Council discussed with a delegation from the Ministry of Oil and rehabilitation of the Baiji refinery arrangements after editing is complete." He said al-Dulaimi, that "the damage to the refinery facilities will not prevent restoration of this vital facility, which tried to organize (Daash) with all his strength to control it but the Iraqis Championships foiled their plans and Andhroa". For his part, he said a member of the Oil Ministry delegation Ibrahim Hattab in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Oil Ministry delegation visited a number of Baiji refinery facilities briefed on the extent of the damage," noting that "The ministry will form a technical committee to follow up the rehabilitation process of the refinery."
Hattab said, "The delegation's mission is a reconnaissance mission," asserting that "bring life to the Baiji refinery as possible, even if it is only at this stage on the small production units covering the local need."
Hattab said, that "the delegation included the Inspector General of the Ministry and a number of specialists," pointing out that "the delegation visited the headquarters controlled and supervised the ten tanks suffered minor damage output."
The governor of Salahuddin Raed Ibrahim al-Jubouri in (16 October 2015), called, Baghdad to help his government for the reconstruction of the liberated cities, and among that his government would rely on other ways of basing them in the reconstruction of the judiciary and the refinery President, confirmed that thousands of clans Salah province Religion engaged in the popular crowd and took part in battles against the (Daash).
The leadership of the Federal Police (14 October 2015) announced, edit Baiji refinery in full, indicating that the joint security forces were able to kill large numbers of militants (Daash) grab the wheel armored them.
The Joint Special Operations Command, also announced on Wednesday, starting a process (for Beck, O Messenger of God II), to liberate the northern regions of Salah al-Din, of the three axes.