Obeidi: four-party alliance is not directed against one

Called on Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, on Tuesday, the international coalition to increasingly support the Iraqi joint forces on the battlefield, and among the four-party alliance is intelligence cooperation is not directed against anyone, President of the Supreme Chiefs of Staff, US Army Joseph Dnford stressed the continued support of the United States to Iraq his war against the (Daash). The Defense Ministry said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of "Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, received here on Tuesday, Chairman of the Supreme Chiefs of Staff, US Army Gen. (Joseph Dnford) and his accompanying delegation accompanied by US Ambassador in Iraq, Mr. (Stewart Jones ). The statement added that "During the meeting, which was attended by all the Iraqi side, Mr. Chief of Army Staff and a number of ministry leaders a review of the nature of the close military cooperation between the two countries based on the strategic framework between them and research in the future prospects of an agreement to develop this relationship in lost articular historical stage through which Iraq is a faced with the forces of terror. "
The statement continued, "was also a review of the nature and the theater of military operations waged by the Iraqi joint forces against the forces of terrorism, especially in the center of Baiji operations and Anbar, the great progress made by our valiant common in these two axes and achieved victories impressive according to the plan prepared by the Joint Special Operations Command, where completed by Forces tasks record periods. "
The statement quoted Defense Minister confirmed the "durability and depth of the US-Iraqi relations and the level of effective partnership between the two countries," looking forward to "US support the largest growing and the role of the international coalition to support the Iraqi joint forces on the battlefield and stressing the importance of the continued development of these relations to serve the common interests of the two friendly countries ".
Obeidi, also stressed that "the Iraqi government's strategy is based on the basic principles are clear, most notably removal of Iraq from entering into hubs and international conflicts in the region," stressing that "the cooperation between the four countries (Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia) is intelligence cooperation aimed at the exchange of intelligence information in War against Daash, which in any case is not directed against anyone. "
For his part, eighth President of the Supreme Chiefs of Staff, US Army General Joseph Dnford "great sacrifices to Iraqi forces and praised the remarkable successes achieved in Baiji, Ramadi," stressing the "strength of the relationship between the two countries and continued US support for Iraq in its war against (Daash)."
Dnford He stressed his country's readiness "to develop aspects of this cooperation, so as to ensure better combat performance of Iraqi forces."
It is noteworthy that about 60 thousand fighters are fighting fierce battles against (Daash) in more than one axis north of the country and west, in the context of military operations launched simultaneously time recently, is that the largest simultaneous unique operations launched by Iraq to regain cities controlled by (Daash) since more than a year.