The documents reveal the involvement of al-Maliki Alomnahovi violations in the formation of death squads and their quest to establish a secret army
OCTOBER 21, 2015

Doha «Quds Al-Arabi»: «island» station reveal Thursday evening and documents that confirm the involvement of former Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki in the security violations and the formation of death squads and their quest to establish a secret army, and create a private detention trace his office directly, in addition to many other excesses.

And dealing with the new episode of «black box» most historic stations, the phenomenon of them hidden, in the biography of al-Maliki, starting from joining the ranks of the Dawa Party in 1968, and then assuming the presidency of jihadi Party Committee Abroad, which is planned to hit the Iraqi interests at home and abroad, and in relation to the end of the era of his rule in Iraq.
Nuri al-Maliki was opposed to the regime of the late President Saddam Hussein, and he spent more than twenty years outside Iraq, moving between Syria and Iran. He knew his nom de guerre (Jawad), before returning with the US occupation and advancing at the head of the Islamic call to take over the presidency of the government in Iraq for eight consecutive years party. Between its inception in opposition and bringing them to power and Beyond, lies the features of the full picture of Nuri al-Maliki.
Film «Nuri al-Maliki .. includes the full picture» certificates figures experienced al-Maliki in the period in which they sought refuge in Iran and participated in the chest training camp, where he is preparing party cadres and equipped to fight the Iraqi regime, as well as the role of the party in involvement in the bombing of the Iraqi embassy in Beirut, through a series of explosions carried out by its jihadist cell in Kuwait early eighties.

The film also displays many of the files that relate to Nouri al-Maliki along the stages of his political career, where the team was able to get dozens of documents and papers leaked, some documents with a security stamp issued by his office and signing your talking about violations of security and abuses occurred during his reign between 2006 and 2014 . Prime Minister's Office and other documents reveal, the involvement of al-Maliki in the formation and management of murder, torture teams, and built a private detention centers follow directly away from the Ministry of Justice in charge of prison management.

The film looks at the leaked documents out of 400 thousand documents WikiLeaks secret especially in Iraq, some of them talking about the involvement of al-Maliki in the management of «death squads and detention» outside the Iraqi army framework, and seeks to establish a parallel secret army under the authority Under his direction only, and reveals one role he played in providing private information the curricula vitae of Iraqi scientists, and access roads to them in order to wipe them out, this information has been handed over to a team of Mossad assassination of Israeli and Iran.

The film also reviews the US secret documents, including more than two hundred brief military secret like Balhevrh, including the secret code associated with the name of Nuri al-Maliki personally, it turned out to be a military order requires non-US military intervention to prevent torture, detention and murder of the Iraqi government and its officials and work to be ignored.

The «black box» program seeks through a series of documentary films investigative, to look at the files and the issues raised controversy, or remained under wraps, in an attempt to uncover its secrets and re events listed to see the documentary, broadcast on Thursday, the last of every month promptly at 19:05 GMT.