Railway company going 12 trains to transport visitors to Karbala at subsidized prices

General Company for Railways plans to the Ministry of Transport, running 12 trains to transport visitors from Baghdad and the southern provinces to Karbala to perform the ceremony of Ashura visit.
The director of relations and media company Abd al-Sattar al-Gharawi, told all of Iraq [where], that "the company would seek to run 12 trains to transport passengers, in order to transport visitors in the province of Karbala, the holy Altabat to revive the ceremony visit the tenth of Muharram."
He explained that "the central Baghdad station will run two trains and two new Mberden, go forth from the central station to station Karbala and at a subsidized price from the company, as a rate card thousand dinars [from Baghdad to Karbala".
"As the number of trains will be launched from the province of Basra through the southern provinces of b [Dhi Qar, Muthanna, Diwaniyah and Babylon], and then to spend down Musayyib to Karbala, and at a price of five thousand dinars to the card."