Finance staff demonstrate in front Zebari conference hall against the salary scale

​Protested the Ministry of Finance staff, inside the ministry building to protest the new salary ladder.
Correspondent agency all of Iraq [where] that "employees demonstrated in front of the hall which is due to the finance minister, Hoshyar Zebari, today held a press conference on the draft budget for 2016 and some of the issues which may include clarification about him new salary law."
The ministry promised to staff this decision as "null and void" the fact that there are no financial allocations have, similar to the salaries of the three presidencies, which annulled by the new peace officers.
The demonstrators stressed that "the salaries are not taken to amend the law except by a law and not a decision."
The Council of Ministers decided in its meeting last week, modify the salary scale Annex law salaries of state employees and the public sector No. 22 for the year 2008, and the unification of allocations charged by all state employees and reduce the differences between them and will be applied in the first of the month of November.