Parliamentary Integrity Committee and activate its work

Sabih Al Kaabi Wednesday, October 21.2015

Cape leader of the joints of the state has a responsibility Meith and activation of their work and open up new ways to uncover their potential and assess their determination, this pattern to be honest, we have found in the personality of the Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Talal Zobaie embodied commander specifications and the desire to work and the transparency of the deal, since he took over responsibility, trying to Ajtrah ways to interact in stop bleeding Agralamala first, and activating the decisions of the Commission Secondly, the follow-up actions Thirdly, and activate the members of the committee shared collective action to save the country from this scourge Fourth, the work remains a minor look narrow and dimension near the strings for the rest of the bodies in the state ministries did not extend, the work of the parliamentary Committee in the Iraqi Parliament has keep large as the legislative authority and authorized only to follow up the work of the ministries and agencies and provincial councils, governors, then it could reveal the sequence obliges

Titles mentioned to be transparent and clear its legal and administrative formulas eyeing it first hand and thus ensuring informed about what is happening in these circles, Maaakd Mazhbna him internecine war since August official Besagha, judicial and popularity for the detection of corrupt officials files, and pursue them before the courts, and their determination to restore the looted money to the state treasury, whatever the threats launched by the spoilers and their gangs, certainly there are victims died on the track in defense of the principles of integrity and values ​​of justice Arabs and Kurds judges and Turkmen in Kirkuk recently, the previous stages in the work of the Commission remained ranges in place away from the seriousness of surveillance, monitoring and accounting, public pressure practices, the religious leaders, civil society organizations, international pressure, willingness to work and a serious change game factors a major role in correcting the compass.

The determination of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee and the seriousness came in tune with the Integrity Commission independent Bquadrha players to form suites work in the implementation of the duties assigned to them, and creating a state of cooperation and hard work in the follow-up and accountability and activation of arrest warrants and summons and investigate those named in the integrity issues, procedures in travel bans and confiscation of funds movable and immovable property of the Mdanyen law and the introduction of it is outside the country for the application of justice, wounded Iraq deep can not be cured, but Bucky spoilers and traitors and refund Almstbahp inside and outside the country, and this Alaboradh will not be achieved crucifixion and determination Eileen men devoted themselves to the right and to change it, the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives will follow arrest warrants recently issued by the judiciary against the current and former officials, invite to open the Central Bank of Iraq files and discharge of hard currency, the Ministry of Education Bbiskuatha carcinogenic and buildings clay for its schools destroyed and which remained tan under the banner of oblivion, to print books and import of stationery and appointments illegal and the Ministry of Electricity and Higher Education and Scientific Research / Faculty of Business and Economics as well as the Ministry of Finance and file surveillance cameras and allocated them to the state the role of housing in the Green Zone and take instead of rent as well as the activation of two memoranda of arrest warrants against Kelly and the Ministry of Agriculture and current four members of the Baghdad Provincial Council and six members of the House of Representatives also came on the lips of Bahaa al-Araji, Chairman of the Committee Integrity former as well as the opening and the Ministry of Health files, iPods cancer screening idle wheels ambulance parked and solar energy heaters imported by the Baghdad Provincial Council edition in 2005, contrary to the contexts, orders and checkpoints on the borders of the entrances of Baghdad, and the reconstruction of the Baghdad International Fair, parks, amusement parks and forgotten sports city in Basra file and move away from the the language of defamation and accusation miscarriage and through the media, to enjoy in Iraqna peace, justice and freedom.

And the God of the intent behind .