Uniting for Reform: the new salary ladder setback need to be addressed


(Independent) .. Description Muttahidoon him new salary as a "setback need to be addressed", and called on the government and the House of Representatives to alleviate the acute to avoid a curse popular effects.

A statement issued by the coalition "in these circumstances where plaguing problems and crises, suffering from her puppies our honorable patient, the need is urgent and real reforms address the root Almchaclat and works to dismantle and resolved manner available to transparency and to make achievements taking place in the citizen and touches their effects."

At the time expressed a coalition of united support for the reforms "under the Constitution and laws and respect the conventions and partners of the political process", he refused to "be a banner of reform agreed upon by everybody gate to pass decisions and actions are not consistent with the Constitution and inconsistent with the laws in force and affecting the interests and rights of sliced of our people great harm and injustice. "

He explained that the new salary scale "rather than contribute to provide solutions and achieve accomplishment, it affects the interests and rights of slices of staff who represent the drain damage is reflected negatively on the citizen who waits for reform that achieves a breakthrough on the level of performance and desired results."

He stressed the coalition "the need to adhere to the standards adopted by countries and institutions discreet in achieving reform, real reform can not be against the interests of citizens, and can not be in contradiction with the principles of the Constitution, laws, and objectives of the crossing of the people expressed in the popular demonstrations calling for reform." (End ).