International Monetary Fund: will lose cash liquidity and a possible loan to Iraq in 2016
October 21, 2015 1 0

The IMF confirmed Wednesday that he had granted Iraq a major loan in 2016 to help him to achieve financial stability, noting that Baghdad is not currently exposed to the threat of force.

The Director of the Middle East and Central Asia Department Fund Masood Ahmed told Reuters news agency, followed up by our economy, "the IMF team will discuss with Iraqi officials early next month means placing a follow-up programme to monitor the Fund's experts in the framework of the economic policies of the country."
Ahmed added that the Fund had granted Iraq a major loan in 2016 to help it achieve financial stability at a time when Baghdad because of falling oil prices and the war waged against daash.

Ahmed expressed hope to "build a record of policy implementation as the basis for another funding program from the International Monetary Fund later in 2016", stating that "the new IMF loan would weaken the Fund approved emergency funding in July this year, which is valued at $ 1.24 billion.

He added that "Baghdad is not currently at risk of running out of liquidity because they can postpone investment projects relying on Central Bank financing if necessary", adding that "the Government needs to develop a clear and comprehensive plan to reform the finances and the IMF program may help.