Political blocs began to turn against al-Abadi because of the mandate given to him

The president of the Islamic Dawa Party organization inside the parliamentary bloc MP Ali al-Badri, said on Wednesday that the political blocs began to turn against Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the mandate given by him, that among these blocks was expecting everything from these reforms.

He said al-Badri told a news briefing, said that 'objections issued by the political blocs on the Prime Minister resolutions Atakzha including those related to ladder the new salary, it is a coup on him and the mandate given by him', noting that 'these blocks voted to authorize the Prime Minister on reforms without show any note around both its size and the date of implementation'.

Al-Badri, adding that "the political blocs that authorized Abadi, was expecting everything from the reforms, including reforms of formality and media reforms and reforms implemented ', adding that' every repair the positive and negative issues'.