Abadi reveals a "military coup" against him planning Dawa party? !!
Date: 10/21/2015

Palm-at a time when rounded political sources talked about the political decision-making in Iraq for the formation of a national salvation in agreement with some countries, the government is headed by the Iraqi government a powerful figure was then preparing to elections under the supervision and checks on.

However, the political sources of the National Alliance, revealed that there are a number of scenarios drawn and which indicate that al-Abadi can not remain prime minister for several reasons, including that he can not face the Shiite National Alliance blocks are always remember Abadi as of brought him to the prime minister and not the party call.

Sources indicate that al-Abadi opportunity to stay on as prime minister is very slim, especially since there is information that may be disclosed Abadi, for the first time when he said that there are close to me are planning to topple the government and reiterated Abadi sayings that he would continue his reforms, even if it cost.

While sources from the Supreme Council of the indicated plans to topple Balebadi are the same faces who toppled Maliki sources and threw the ball in the net of "5" important leaders of the Dawa Party, as are plans to dislodge al-Abadi.

But the close of the National Alliance sources revealed the scenario in the case of exclusion Abadi can not lead the Prime Minister's call, which will see splits in its ranks while the Virtue Party confirmed on the tongue Ammar Tohme one of the main leaders of virtue that Abadi personal honest and good-hearted but he can not lead the party Iraq said that the taste of the mandate he received Abadi of reference and if the people of the owners to change the case of Iraq.

MP Ahmed Kanani in state law, a member has indicated that there are politicians from within the National Alliance are trying to poison honey between al-Maliki and al-Abadi Compatibility between the two will strengthen the rule of law and weakening the remaining blocks.