South of Baghdad station staff demonstrating against the new salary scale

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / ... Dozens of staff station south of Baghdad, on Wednesday, in protest against the new salary ladder.

A reporter / Baghdadi News /, said that "dozens of power station south of Baghdad, the second staff of the General Directorate for the production of electrical power for the Central District demonstrated, today, inside the station to protest the new salary law ladder."

The correspondent added that "the demonstrators demanded the cancellation of the law or an amendment to some of its paragraphs."

Hundreds of ministries of higher education and scientific research, electricity, education, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Integrity Commission and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in Baghdad, and the staff of the election commission city of Amara, the center staff, demonstrated in protest against the new salary scale, stressing that it is fair and unfair.

Proceeded with the Integrity Commission staff, on Tuesday, strike Alaml.anthy 21 d / n