Experts in Nazi crimes they want to prove genocide Yazidis by jihadists

Twilight News / three experts are only German and Belgian and French, but they rely on the experience in the investigation of Nazi crimes and are making strenuous efforts "to prove Yazidis genocide" by the organization of the Islamic state.

A man said German law Andrei Umansky, an expert on criminal law at the University of Cologne, western Germany, told AFP: "Do not look for the thrill, but we seek to determine the stages of the criminal process for each class of Yazidis - men, women and children - to prove a recipe genocide".

Yazidis targeted and clearly with the organization of the Islamic State attack in August / August 2014 on the Sinjar mountain strongholds in northern Iraq.

And it confirms the jihadist organization in the propaganda campaigns that these minority individuals who convert Balkordih-speaking former religion of Islam are the "devil-worshipers". So jihadists seeking to "destroy them as a group," the legal definition of "genocide", as the UN mission said in a March / March last.

And to document the crimes of the three investigators who belong to that organization Ttiyahd Anomt that record the locations where Jews and Gypsies shot by the Nazis in the killing of the former Soviet Union, decided to conduct a field that first series of interviews with survivors of the organization of the Islamic state.

Umansky said that these certificates can feed future trials, especially for Western jihadists but "the first goal is to stop this crime."

But difficult beginnings. The Belgian said Costel Nastase former policeman who runs the "dignity of the Roma" it "Association we had our way we use for more than ten years with witnesses to Nazi crimes," but this process looks "very different" to contemporary realities and is still alive.

But this small team and support the French Foreign Ministry opened in August / August 2015 the doors of a refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan. Experts have met there Aesidein have specific memories and tried to reassure those frightened and traumatized witnesses before being photographed in the atmosphere of intense heat.

Nastase said that "people are very affected. We had to stop and explain why our desire to stay with the person alone for his family. Some of the girls they want to talk to us and others with Mhakguetna Yazidi."

And a list of crimes attributed to the long-regulation of the execution of operations to the recruitment of children in camps for training and girls are subjected to sexual enslavement of women and using any human shields and forcing people to change their religion by force.

And confirms the French Rev. Patrick Du Bois third of these experts that the process of determining the exact circumstances of human trafficking or the imposition of military training on the children, "complicated by the dispersion of the victims."

According to the outcome established by the Kurdistan Regional Government in August / August that 400 000 out of 550 Yazidi thousand Iraqis have been displaced due to the fighting.About 1,500 of them have been killed and kidnapped about four thousand.

Father Du Bois and sees that he can not allow any questioning. He said that the character of "systematic and administrative" abuses "in places that are too far apart" pass "surprising" as he was expected to be these practices "character wearing improvised biggest."

He noted that the Yazidis are an integral part of the lives of members of Daash "in prisons and families isolated and with fighters on a very large area of ​​land."
He said the first certificates stating that "everyone was registered" by jihadists.

Witnesses spoke about "a large presence of doctors at all stages of the process: In order to verify the virginity of women and injection drug sexually enslaved and forced the boys to eat grain to endure the pain."

The investigators have another tool to gather evidence is propaganda jihadists themselves.Umansky said that these "never hide their faces and knew most often for themselves."

For instance, in his name glutinous-speaking magazine, illustrates the organization of the Islamic state in October 2014 that the doctrinal studies Athbpt he can make the "women (Alaesideat) as slaves." So after their families with their children, "was their distribution on the Mujahideen dish law."