Raed Fahmi: economic development needs a clear vision and a real institutional power

News" Baghdad - attributed the deputy secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iraq, the continuing challenges facing Iraq, to the absence of economic vision, being able to overcome the difficulties in the current economic situation and the decline in oil resource revenues, with continuing visionsvessels to cover the deficit through borrowing, etc. that of caveats on the general situation. The deputy secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Iraqi Raid Fahmi, in an interview with the official newspaper "Al-Sabah", "The situation requires institutional strength and strategic plans believe in the existence of a real economy represented sectors of basic development (agriculture, industry, tourism, buildings and services and productive ..) to cover the deficit in the oil industry. "protect the product and saw my understanding that" the problem lies in the lack of a vision to strengthen the laws concerning the protection of the local product, as one of the pillars of industrial production development, and guide the bank's money, not to mention the absence of activation of the tax system and attendant implications are not on the purchasing power only, but its impact on moving the economy as a whole. "taxes and fees and found deputy secretary of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party," the possibility of more pressure expenses and reconsider revenues ", an indication of shortcomings" in taxes and fees process, as well as the importance of correct path control over customs duties and management of real estate state. "privatesector and between my understanding that" the state is unable to finance the investments and the experience of working with the private sector, bitter, there is executing projects and other executed but poorly what was born his two losses: first the amounts paid and the second is the interest on these amounts and this seriousness requires strict management of projects to be completed in a timely manner and be profitability and Aidip higher than the cost. "He stressed Fahmi on" the importance of starting the budget as one of the important tools of fiscal and monetary policy of the country that emerges from strengthening the potential for a real economy is an oil with a content industrial multidirectional ", calling for" retrenchment and reduce external borrowing. "reform is a real no-nonsense concluded Fahmi his interview with the" morning, stressing that "reform without a real and radical solutions does not make sense the real development is absent either in the center or territory is born dangerous repercussions, "pointing out that" the indebtedness under the circumstance that the country is going through is a disaster because there are no guarantees on how to behave with money."Source: newspaper" by the people ".