Deputy Ministry of Industry and demanding the imposition of taxes on imported products to support production

Follow-up - and babysit -student Member of Parliament for the Liberal bloc fighter Moussawi impose taxes on imported goods to support domestic production, which the Ministry of Industry and Minerals has succeeded in restoring some of it. Moussawi said in a statement received news agency public opinion (and babysit) The Ministry of Industry has succeeded in restoring the local cement production in Karbala Cement Plant after the economic and financial problems faced by the country, causing a production halt during the last stage, pointing out that this success is calculated for the Iraqi industry and Matufarh from the operation of labor and reduce unemployment in the province and to provide background material for construction. He added that a new problem emerged recently, which would cause the elimination of the cement industry in the country and Maatertb her and other industries of the migration of young people and cut off the livelihood of the families that work their masters in those laboratories, indicating that the problem is to allow the cement imported Baldakhlu into the country without the imposition of any taxes it , stressing that such a thing surprising and demonstrates the lack of planning and mismanagement or she being deliberately versus amounts paid to those in charge of this issue.
He called al-Moussawi government to impose taxes on all imported goods and support of the Ministry of Industry as produced by its factories and laboratories and sale of its production in the markets and to require ministries to limit the purchase of the local product, knowing that the cement product of Karbala plant is a global specification supported in the French company Lafarge.

He hinted that the same error was repeated in the production of transformer plant in Diyala, which produces electrical power transformers world-class certified by the German company "Siemens" and cheaply, however, the Ministry of Electricity to buy Saudi transducers origin of lower quality specifications. Q,