Soon complete the project: Rehabilitation of Victims of Terrorism Center designs

BAGHDAD / JD / .. The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Municipalities and Public Works that the engineering staff at the National Center for Engineering Consultancy one of the formations ministry nearing completion own designs project rehabilitation of victims of terrorism, which is being implemented for the Ministry of Human Rights previously Center.
He said the media center of the ministry in a statement received / dinars / copy of it: that the project was built on an area of 1935 m2, noting that it consists of a Chairperson and four buildings service dolly for building the main building consists of five floors and a basement exploits as parking The rest of the floors Vthtoa the doctors rooms and first aid rooms, medical treatment facilities, especially for Rehabilitation medical and sports halls and workshops as well as psychologists rooms for the rehabilitation of victims of physical and psychological level. He added that the interfaces encapsulated two courses of bricks and Alakpond It is noted that the main idea of the project is inspired by the rights of the slogan rights and taken into account in the design to provide pure therapeutic environment safe while providing spaces Khadr, despite the small total area for the project. The project is the first of its kind in Iraq will be the completion of other centers in all the provinces and the ongoing ministry in the implementation of many projects for the benefit of ministries and government departments.