Industry pose laboratory cement and lime Babylon Investment

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Ministry of Industry and Minerals called on all specialized in the field of cement industries, investors and business investment companies to participate in the investment opportunities available General Company for Southern Cement with. The director of the Media Center at the Ministry Abdul Wahid Alwan al-Shammari in a written statement received / JD / copy him: that the company is seeking, through investment and participation to qualify Cement Babylon of her and the introduction of new production lines and the introduction of modern technology and access to the target energy for the production of cement Masashm in bridging the Iraqi market need and support the physical movement of the country's plant contracts, pointing to the importance of developing inflorescence industry in Iraq with the participation of the private sector where they are considered material inflorescence raw material for the production of bricks limestone and Althermiston in addition to the multiple uses of the other.
He called for the need to benefit from the new investment conditions announced by the Minister of Industry Mohamed Darraji to encourage companies and attract investors regarding the amendment Pmalg letter of guarantee and negotiate the number of employees and how payment of their salaries. It is said that the General Company for Southern Cement had previously signed a contract for the rehabilitation and operation of the cement Babylon plant in 2013 has not been activated Maady to its dissolution and its Abolition Mr. Minister and face re-announcement of the plant to invest to allow the largest number of investors to participate in this opportunity and contribute to the lab run and the development of the cement industry in Iraq.