Deputy for the powers: judicial reform legislation of the Federal Court Act and the government sent to parliament

Link MP for the coalition forces Ahmed al-Mashhadani, reform of the judicial system legislation of the Federal Court Act. He said al-Mashhadani, told all of Iraq [where], "there will be reform of the judicial system legislation is very important law, such as the Federal Court Act, the Federal Court will separate from the Supreme Judicial Council and the prosecution." He added that "this law is very important and we were in the process of legislation and did not remain only a step one about the legislation, but what surprises us that the government has withdrawn all of these important laws and do not know the real reasons that led to withdrawn. "He Mashhadani hope that" the government is really serious about reform system of judicial Kalmnzawmh by sending the Federal Court Act, "stressing that" law certainly will be initiated in the House of Representatives, as despite the difference it, we were able important step progress in the direction of legislation real for the existence of serious and aware of the risks of the current situation, but were surprised that the government withdrew this law and the laws of other important
"." We are in the Union of Forces, since the formation of the government demanded reform the system of judicial through paper political agreement that have been identified to reform the judicial institution a certain period, but there were no serious by the government, the government were not serious. "
He said al-Mashhadani, that" the judicial system as a constitutionally independent authority of the prime minister does not have authority over her and Speaker of Parliament, But whenever we have taken and we have a package of reforms was supposed judicial system-and its president Medhat al-Mahmoud that offers real reforms realistic touches the demands of angry fans, but I think that the legislation of the Federal Court Act will solve all these nodes. "The Kurdistan Alliance MP Majid Chenkali, said on 29 September the past that the government withdrew 54 bill from the House of Representatives without modification and traceable to the Council, blaming the government and the parliamentary committees responsible for the weakness of business meetings of the parliament's agenda, so as not cured the existing laws have projects. The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri said in the 10 of last August in connection with the Federal Court Act "There is only one paragraph of the law is still in dispute and discussion relates to the quorum needed to pass decisions on contentious material between the federal government and the province, a need to provide alternative solutions we are able to achieve this through initiatives in this framework it is possible to lead to solutions to help us to go beyond that point to move to vote on the law. "The MP for the National Alliance Haider Mawla, stressed in the 15 of last September, the need for approval of the Federal Court Act, in order to reform the judiciary, noting's [where], that" real reform in the elimination abbreviated one issue is the adoption of Federal Court law and this law is very important crashes approval is still much to hang this moment. "The supreme religious authority, stressed in her speech more than the need to reform the judicial system as an essential step to achieve the reforms announced by the government Majara.