National Integrity demands that do not turn into a political target


(Independent) .. national coalition demanded that integrity does not turn into a political targeting, but affects all corrupt and all political blocs, regardless of religious or other affiliation.

He said the official spokeswoman for the Coalition Maysoon al have "stop national coalition since the first day of the political process and a clear stance against financial and administrative corruption and waste of public money, and students constantly corrupt accounting and spoilers through a criminal investigation for all the money that entered Iraq since 2003 process and to this day, and how disbursed and open an investigation into all contracts, whether or not phantom phantom. "

She added, "From this point, the national coalition praises all efforts to achieve fairness, including the right to arrest its minister Mlas Abdul Karim, who will be in court to defend his administration of the Ministry of Trade since the receipt is almost a year ago." (End)