Work: a plan to broaden the base of insured loans
March 20, 2015 1 0

Ministry of labour and Social Affairs on the adoption of a plan to expand the coverage of lending programs in Baghdad and other provinces at the time of preparing to launch a new batch of loans.

The Ministry's spokesman Ammar Menem told Bowl yatalat news economy agency that Sudanese Minister of labor Mohammed sheyaa in examining the possibility of expanding the coverage umbrella lending programs approved by the Ministry, as well as speedy inclusion transactions during a period of five weeks, according to the new plan.

There were attempts for the Ministry to cover the special needs of both sexes through lending study to reduce the deficit in order to approve as many of these cases actually need privacy in the care and attention, especially within the Ministry registered database and institutes, as well as categories of orphans and juveniles who are released and reintegrated in society for the purpose of creating a steady income, as well as increase the percentage coverage of women.

Menem drew to the Ministry to streamline procedures for granting loans, the allocation of 20 supported between ministries instead of two to complete health issuance to ensure Government and borrower data junction and control the flow of transactions through networking between sections, as well as link with social protection for women and men to make sure of the integrity of the borrower's position and bypass on-site disclosure requirement to complete transactions and replace them by taking the pledge of the guarantor and the borrower the legal section to reduce numbers.

He said the Ministry had introduced the Division to pursue reimbursement payments to check borrowers ' repayments after the receipt of the instrument of accounts, as well as entrusting loan owners when any momentum, stressing the need to inform citizens on the loan details and answer questions on procedures and mechanisms and to move away from traditional mechanisms.