Najib: austerity and a large security allocations in the budget of 2016

Our economy / Baghdad - He said a member of the economic and investment commission Najiba Najib said next year's budget is different from its predecessors great austerity and the allocation of security is clear.

She said Najib at a news conference attended by Agency correspondent our economy news "that the overall size of the budget approved by the Council of Ministers yesterday, reached 106 trillion Iraqi dinars a deficit of 23 trillion dinars," adding: "The expected revenue from oil sales is 84 trillion dinars ceiling export 3.6 million BPD calculated with the price per barrel to $ 45."

She noted that this budget differs from previous budgets, as a large austerity and privatization of the security sector was great, as well as an increase in non-oil revenues more than Almadh years, because the state has tried to re-examine the tax system.