Maliki wing prevents the presence of al-Abadi accountable to Parliament, fearing leader for corruption and the fall of Mosul
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10/19/2015 (00:01 pm)

BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Despite the resumption of the House of Representatives sessions, after the recent holidays, but the mystery surrounding the host head of the government, which promised to attend the first session held after Eid al-Adha encountered in 24 of the last session in September.

The sources are talking about Daot exercised some wings of the rule of law to prevent the prime minister to come to the House of Representatives in order to avoid a parliamentary efforts for him to determine the position of the former prime minister, who has been accused of causing the fall of Mosul, as well as corruption charges dogging his booth ministerial.

But the limbs parliamentary attributes the delay Abadi to come to the House of Representatives, to accountability for reform measures, to his preoccupation with recent military operations as well as foreign travels.

State of Law bloc parliamentary and confirm that the prime minister and the House of Representatives on the "ES great understanding."

The prime minister apologized, last month, to attend the two dates set out by Parliament for hosting the aim of clarifying reform measures carried out during the last two months. And the effects of apology Abadi discontent prompted the House of Representatives Speaker of the House to the threat of the withdrawal of the authorization granted by parliament for the prime minister to implement his reforms.

The parliamentary sources familiar with talking about "trying to deputies of the political blocs to take advantage of the presence of Haider al-Abadi in hosting a session to discuss the referral of Nuri al-Maliki file to the judiciary after the condemnation of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary involvement the fall of the city of Mosul."

Sources confirm, that I talked to (long) on ​​condition of anonymity, that "these blocks you want from the Prime Minister to determine its position on the subject of al-Maliki and financial corruption that has spread in the last government through hosting that were identified after the Eid al-Adha holiday session."

The sources added that "al-Maliki wing within the State of Law coalition and pressure significantly towards Abadi not to attend to the meeting host."

It draws sources to "the existence of a trend in wing-Maliki to form a new bloc in the coalition of state law is composed of 30 deputies because of the differences and conflicts between al-Maliki and al-Abadi, despite the recent reconciliation between the two."

Parliamentary sources and talking about "Iranian interference to postpone the subject of a new bloc of al-Maliki wing of the coalition of the rule of law at this time" pops, but stressed that "the new cluster formation has become a matter of time."

These sources and concludes "These data within the State of Law coalition was a major reason for the postponement of host-Abbadi in the House of Representatives for the deadline."

In the same context, says MP Joseph Salioh, President of the Democratic Bloc Warka, "The House of Representatives is suffering from some officials to come to the House of Representatives by resorting to procrastination and failure to dilute the subject."

He Salioh (range) that "not to attend the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the House of Representatives due to the fear of some of the blocks that you want to embarrass him on the subject of delay the implementation of some reforms," ​​calling on the prime minister to come to the House of Representatives to clarify some of the problems and the reforms carried out.
And on the differences that revolve within a block of state law, he did not rule out that Salioh, referring to "the existence of parties within the coalition of state law is trying to embarrass Abadi in hosting this in the event of his presence."

John Imad turn, the House of Representatives decision, the reasons for not specify a date for Parliament attributes the host-Abbadi to "preoccupation with the prime minister in the security and military tasks and fighting in Anbar and Salah al-Din as commander of the armed forces."

Added John (range) that "the Prime Minister hosted the three weeks before the heads of political blocs and explained to them the reforms that have been achieved and can be achieved in the coming periods."

Revealing "the existence of a request signed by 50 deputies in this regard, and received by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, which will determine the date of the President of the host government."

But the coalition of state law asserts that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi would be willing to attend the meeting host," pointing out that "the concerns of the many international Abadi and his meetings and military developments have contributed not to determine the time to attend to the House of Representatives."

Says Ali al-Adeeb, head of the block (range), "The House of Representatives and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on good terms and with great understanding of many of the files and things."جناح-المالكي-يمنع-حضور-العبادي-إلى-البرل