Antoine's / scales News /: The government has made lending a way to bridge the budget deficit in 2016

10/19/2015 17:51 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
He said economic expert on behalf of Antoine, on Monday, the federal government has made borrowing only way to bridge the fiscal deficit for next year.

He said Antoine L / scales News / "The Federal Government have drawn the shape of the financial budget for next year well, where she worked on identifying ways to bridge the budget, which reached nearly 23 trillion deficit in the form of doors."

The economist said that "the government has made it a key element of borrowing to bridge the budget deficit and the government will resort to borrowing from the Japanese Agency for Foreign and bonds around the 7 trillion as well as borrowing from the National Bank of nearly one billion dollars in addition to borrowing the World Bank."

The "parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed said, Sunday, that the House will pass the next federal budget for 2016 as soon as possible," likely in the same time there have been some changes in the budget after reduced to 87 trillion dinars. "

The "MP for the coalition of state law Abbas al-Bayati, said on Monday that next year's budget in 2016" compelling "and that the presence of a decline in revenue as a result of lower oil prices", calling for the need to obtain internal loans or external until the shortfall in coverage. "

The "Council of Ministers under the chairmanship of its Board approved Haider al-Abadi, on Sunday, the draft federal budget law for next year 2016".

A source in the prime minister's / scales News / "The Council of Ministers approved the financial budget for next year and amounted to 106 trillion dinars deficit of 23 Trliuna" .anthy 29/9 P